Asad Aleem

Type: Architecture design and management
Location: DHA phase 8
Area: 700 sq. yd.
Completion year: 2018

Located in a residential area, the house is designed with the modern concept of exo spaces. The aim of the space was to bring in ample light surrounded by nature to generate a calming environment. This was achieved by creating an experiential walk through the basement by designing an open to sky pool surrounded by elements of nature. The clean vibrant pool in the basement courtyard leads into the drawing room and acts as a point of convergence to all the private and public spaces. By separating private and semi private spaces, an aesthetic space was created that also focused privacy. The bedroom opens into a balcony that overlooks a central courtyard. The functional distribution of the program provides panoramic views with ample light and greenery. The interior walls are kept neutral that provides a stark contrast to the wooden finished and vibrantly upholstered furniture providing a visually interactive experience for the user.